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  1. ↪ Companies’ Accessibility Twitter Accounts and More | Web Axe

    Very useful list of corporate accessibility Twitter accounts.

    • / 17.7.2013 /
  2. ↪ Wellington’s Bolton Hotel includes iPad in room service

    On the surface this is a nice play toward being on the cutting edge of your industry and a fashionable thing to do, but in reality it’s a boon for accessibility as traditional paper statements can provide real challenges to disabled folks.

    • / 17.7.2013 /
  3. ↪ A Few More Words on Accessible Dialogs/Modals | drublic
    • / 1.7.2013 /
  4. ↪ Mega menu accessibility on « Adobe Accessibility

    We think our approach strikes a decent balance between user expectation for global navigation, keyboard navigability, and screen reader access, and we felt that others might find it useful if we shared some of the thinking that went into our choices.

    An explanation of the mega-menu, and the accessibility considerations that were taken. Insightful and encouraging.

  5. Blind 4-year-old makes his way over a curb. Amazing steps, literally.

  6. Global Accessibility Awareness Day

    A bunch of smart people are putting together Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which is May 9th of this year. If that sound like next week, it’s because it is. Their Facebook has this lead-in:

    The intent of Global Accessibility Awareness Day is for it to be a community-driven effort to increase awareness of digital (web, software, mobile app/device, touch screen kiosk, etc.) accessibility for people with different disabilities.

    Anyway … information for the Los Angeles event with smart folks from Yahoo, and info on a satellite Toronto event.


    • / 27.4.2012 /
  7. Closed captioning is fully available and supported by Viddler’s platform. That means you can add this feature to all of your videos or just a few – it’s your choice. And it’s very easy to use; your viewers can turn the feature on and off with the click of a button., a video site targeting businesses, announces closed captioning for their platform.


    • / 27.4.2012 /
  8. While the favicon can represent a piece of a site’s identity, there are some sites that set their favicon to a padlock. This behavior can trick users in to thinking that a site is using a secure connection when on an unsecured connection. Starting with yesterdays’s Nightly, we will no longer include the favicon in the address bar.
    Smart call. False padlocks lead to malicious anti-patterns.


    • / 25.4.2012 /